Wednesday 12 October 2022

Seven last words - modern

Seven last words is about the last words (actually sentences) that Jesus uttered from the cross before he died, according to tradition. This dramatic scene is a key moment in the history of Christianity and has inspired many composers. In this pair of concerts, Haydn’s 'classical' version (concert 11.10.2022) is juxtaposed with a modern interpretation by Sofia Gubaidulina (this concert).

Sofia Gubaidulina has given us a modern version of the historic ‘seven last words’. As in Haydn’s version, there are no actual words, just sublimated sounds. The solo cello and the bayan (Russian accordion) start up a mysterious dialogue, in a refined web of slowly moving string sounds. As always with Gubaidulina, everything is subtle, yet there’s a constant menace in the air. 

The concert gradually builds up to this intense masterpiece: first you’ll hear Gubaidulina’s duet In Croce, then the lament for strings written by LutosÅ‚awski on the death of Béla Bartók, concluding with the Sieben Words.


Sofia Goebajdoelina

In Croce, Sieben Worte

Witold Lutosławski

Musique funèbre


3000 Leuven